Defence Services: Prison Law Adjudication

Prison Law is a growing area of legal work and problems arising from a prison can lead to criminal prosecutions that lead a person back before the courts and also to matters of prison discipline being dealt with in-house.


Even in prison, a person still has the right to representation and has the continuing right to challenge allegations against him or to make requests or complaints if his rights are infringed.


At adjudications the penalties that are often given out are usually extra days being added to the existing sentence. Liberty is at stake and taking on the prison authorities where appropriate to challenge evidence of prison officers and other inmates has to be dealt with.


Questions of parole and breach of licence are becoming frequent areas of complaint, particularly as a result of cumbersome legislation which often the courts and the Probation Service find difficult to follow and implement. We have the expertise to make representations to the Parole Board or to the Prisoners and Probation Ombudsman.


It is easy to feel isolated or left high and dry when in prison but there is no need to have your rights and representation neglected.


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