Defence Services: Crown Court Representation

A person can find themselves before the Crown Court for many reasons as a result of:-


  • Electing Trial with a Judge and jury where their case falls within a group of crimes known as "either way offences".


  • Facing Trial for an indictable only offence where only the Crown Court can hear such Trials, e.g. Murder, Rape, Robbery etc.


  • Where Magistrates decline jurisdiction on a case they feel is too serious to be dealt with in their court.


  • Appealing a decision, the conviction or sentence of the lower courts.


  • Where having pleaded guilty in the Magistrates' Court, the matter has been committed for sentence where sentencing powers were insufficient.


Representation at the Crown Court is by Barrister or Solicitor Advocate. Helen Sechiari practiced at the Bar from Manchester House Chambers for many years before switching to become a solicitor and then with Roger Taylor setting up the firm of Taylor Vaughan. Helen continues her Crown Court advocacy as Solicitor Advocate preparing and running many of our Crown Court Trials from the start of the case to its conclusion.

With the higher court's sentencing powers, the dock at the Crown Court can be a cold and lonely place and it helps to have confidence with an experienced and capable legal team working for you. We don't keep clients in the dark and prefer straight talking to legal mumbo jumbo. We attempt to be direct whenever possible, keeping clients informed of exactly where they are and what they may face. We can't predict the future, beware of people who do, but experience does count for a great deal which clients prefer rather than facing the ordeal in uninformed ignorance.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime by email or using our 24 hr helpline: 0161 763 1066