Defence Services: Magistrates' Court Representation

All summary only matters are dealt with here before a bench of Justices together with some "either way matters" which are a type of offence which the defendant can elect Crown Court Trial if the Magistrates accept they have jurisdiction to deal with the matter.

The criminal law of England and Wales is becoming more complex and difficult. There have never been so many statutes and regulations governing us. Procedure through the Magistrates' Court is generally straightforward, although it can be particularly fraught with difficulties within the Youth Court and it can seem bewildering to a novice. We can help as this is what we do.

We can advise on evidence and how best to challenge it and give direct help where required. This includes the problems and pitfalls within the prosecution case and also problems that your own case may suffer so as to anticipate later difficulties. Not every case should be fought and credit will be given for an early guilty plea and this reflected on sentence. If you have a case to fight, we will fight it.

Mitigation or defence? This is a common area of misunderstanding. Often people may think they are guilty with mitigating circumstances whereas they may have a defence of which they would otherwise be oblivious of and sadly sometimes people may think they have a defence and it is merely mitigation. Which is which? Ask us.

A very important question to consider is where your case should be tried. Either way matters can give the defendant the option of having a Trial before the Magistrates or electing a Crown Court Trial with a Judge and jury and to choose the right venue for your case needs thought and our experience can assist you.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime by email or using our 24 hr helpline: 0161 763 1066