Our Firm

This firm was set up in November 2004 by Roger Taylor and Helen Sechiari. Following many years working as criminal lawyers throughout the North West at Magistrates and Crown Court level, we now operate the only exclusively criminal solicitors' practice in Bury.

If you have difficulties at the Police Station, the Youth Court, Magistrates' Court, Crown Court or Appeal Court we have experience to place at your disposal.

We do not accept legal aid cases any more.

Our 24 hour a day service is essential for anyone arrested and held in a Police Station. Call us on 0161 763 1066 for a representative to attend with you. Resist the temptation often suggested by police officers not to be represented at interview, it is only easier and quicker for them.

We try to advise and explain procedure and the law and how it can be implemented so clients are fully informed of their rights and the best way to deal with investigations and the situations in which they can find themselves. We are a friendly, confidential and experienced firm. You may not want the problems you or your children may be in but we can help.

Even if you have not been arrested but face road traffic summonses and / or your driving licence is at risk, we provide a tried and tested service to maximise your chance of keeping behind the wheel.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime by email or using our 24 hr helpline: 0161 763 106