Defence Services: Road Traffic Representation

This area of law can cover the most trivial of transgressions of the Road Traffic Acts, right up to offences where lives are lost and the courts will treat matters with the appropriate degree of seriousness. To most motorists, the real fear is the loss of a driving licence for whatever period, either by outright disqualification or under the totting up provisions:-


12 penalty points acquired can have you back on the bus.


The law does allow people to keep your licence with 12 penalty points or more but only certain circumstances of exceptional hardship. The court needs persuading that the driver or others will experience such difficulties and this is what we can do.


The courts also can be asked to find special reasons not to disqualify or endorse your licence - ask us how could this apply to you?


Frequently asked questions that we are asked to deal with include:-

  • They say I've been speeding, can I challenge this?
  • Will I lose my licence?
  • Can I get my licence back?
  • If I can't drive, how will my family cope?
  • I'm a new driver, help!
  • What about my job?


The best advice for all of us though is to drive carefully in the first place and turn that mobile off.

If paying privately in connection with motoring offences, the provision of advice and representation at the magistrates' court in relation to summary only road traffic offences where the case is dealt with at a single hearing will attract the following fees.  These figures can only be seen as an indication and may be subject to fluctuation depending upon complexity or other matters at the Partners' discretion.

Single hearing - guilty plea = £400.00 plus VAT
Exceptional hardship arguments =  £500.00 plus VAT
Special reasons arguments = £500.00 plus VAT

Our private rates are calculated at National Grade 2 due to our location.  The Partners are Senior Solicitors with more than 8 years post qualification experience with a general hourly rate of £210.00 plus VAT.  Work is calculated in 6 minute units and a standard letter or telephone call is charged as one 6 minute unit. 

Please feel free to contact us at anytime by email or using our 24 hr helpline: 0161 763 1066